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LIP fillers, what do we want to know!!!

Lips are the centre point of the face or we can say it is the nuclear point! Fillers help to enhance the shape and volume of it.

You had lip fillers, question is which There are so many many prices to choose many practitioners. What do I do? which path to follow?

These questions make one so fearful.

Another question is when the brain pendulum is working overtime from ‘being morally correct’ and ‘being fake’. Many overthink unable to reach a conclusion. I get ladies who ask me and it is difficult to answer, because it is your decision, your question, your mind or heart is at work. You need to find your own answer. I can only give you the true facts!

Lip fillers are cheap and costly. There are different brands.

Revolax is cheaper to buy from pharmacies, therefore cheaper for client. The duration is still 9-12 months as the manufacturer says. I have noticed that Revolax causes more bruising and swelling than the other fillers like Juvederm and Teosyal. My own observation and feedback from the ladies who had them. But they were happy to have it.

Juvederm and Teosyal are the leaders in aesthetic industry and they have different products, range. Juvederm has ultra 3 which stays in (as per the manufacturer)for 9-12 months. Ladies have given feedback, that there lips were nice and soft.

The Vycross range in Juvederm stays in body for 15 months and is pretty costly to buy from pharmacies, therefore costly for the client but worth! They are Volbella, Voluma, Volite. This range does not absorb water as much as ultra range does.

Volbella is used for Tear Troughs and also is excellent as lip filler- very soft and less bruising and swelling and stays for 15months! Likewise, Voluma is specifically for cheeks and areas like jawline, as the fillers is highly cross-linked and is very thick in consistency. Volite is also known as 24 carat gold!

These are good stuff! If you can afford, please go for the Vycross range!

Next is Teoxane brand, they are the premium quality and therefore a wee bit costlier but not so much. For Tear Trough, I use Teoxane only- RedensityII.

I also have same prices for Juvederm and Teoxane lip fillers. Teoxane fillers cause much bruising and swelling, but I think differently here....bruising and swelling depends more on the individual makeup of a human body rather than fillers.

Technique of the practitioner is very important! Do not get ‘duck shaped lips’ please. Have mercy on your self! I don’t know what your mirror says, but please look at your face shape and then your lips. God gave you lips which look beautiful on your face. Don’t spoil them!

Shape of lips! Personally, I like HEART SHAPED LIPS!

One day I saw a korean drama and what do I notice! Their flawless complexion! Porcelain like skin and the Lips!

I was surprised at the shape of their lips, bloody hell!!! They naturally have (men and women) the best shape of lips!!!

I have attached some pictures, look at the lip shapes. As an aesthetic practitioner, I was interested in creating a similar shape for my clients according their faces of course. Not one shape is perfect for all faces, this is an established fact! duh!

So, whosoever wants Kylie like lips even though the shape and face don’t allow, I think they need to look at their faces again.

Another question is about whether I should go and have lip fillers or not, is it being fake or artificial! This question is for any filler on the face! They all have perfect shapes!

Another question is about whether I should go and have lip fillers or not, is it being fake or artificial! This question is for any filler on the face!

What I think is that this is an age of wonderful discoveries like lip fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections, which were not available in the past times. Why not avail them, make the best use! We die once but we live everyday! If the face is drooping, and it can be lifted by a simple injection., why not! There is no harm, until unless you mess up your face by going to a beautician for a filler! Many go, but why would you want to go to a beautician who has no knowledge of your facial anatomy! Would you go to a beautician for your heart surgery also, if she learns to cut open your heart by going to a ONE DAY course??? Freaked out!! Ofcourse! So, is your face less important?

How to maintain lip fillers? Fillers metabolise and breakdown in our body.

  1. If the face is exposed to heat, then filler breaks down, use spf on your lips, I am not sure it would help but at least you will protected by ultraviolet rays which also breakdown the filler.

  2. If you are very active, like exercising, I know, you can’t stop, but exercise generates heat in body and fillers disintegrate quicker. Keep having regular fillers, that is the option. Keep exercising, as it will keep you healthy! :)

  3. Going Spa and Sauna, also breaks down fillers due to heated environment.

  4. Some are naturally having high BMR (basal metabolic rate), they breakdown fillers fast!

5. Stress is also a reason of breakdown of fillers! Stress triggers a cascade of hormones in our body.

These hormones are: Dopamine, Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, Cortisol. They are said to break the filler. You must have noticed that when someone is stressed for a long period of time, there faces age faster. The reason is that these hormones break our own natural hyaluronic acid present in our bodies along with acting adversely on our skin as well! Plus weakens our immune system as well. So, the answer is ‘ DON’T STRESS! BE HAPPY!

6. Healthy food is a must. Fast food, junk food causes inflammation in our body and that breaks down the fillers.

Don’t forget to drink water 8-10 glasses a day, fillers love water, fillers are hydrophilic and your pout will look much plumper if you keep yourself hydrated!

7. Maintain your filler once a year! Book appointments :)

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