Wrinkle Relaxed! Some queries answered!


Wrinkle relaxing treatment: They do wonders for the face, rejuvenates the face.

The wrinkles are caused by repeated, habitual muscle contraction over time.

Injection sites:

  • Forehead,

  • glabellar region means frown area,

  • crow's feet means sides of eyes.

1️⃣ The eyebrows should not go up and make a Spock-like appearance! See Below, our own Mr. Spock!!!

2️⃣ Some movement should be there. Reason: Frozen face is a giveaway sign, that you had anti- wrinkle injections. 🙂 But then, It's your choice, how you want your want your face to be❗️

3️⃣ Dynamic lines are treated with the toxin injection, but static lines will only soften, they won't disappear.

4️⃣ REACHING A PLATEAU means BECOMING IMMUNE: There are many who want to have injections earlier than 3months and they are at risk of becoming IMMUNE to this toxin. 🔯When the injection enters our body, as it is a TOXIN, it produces antibodies- to fight the toxin. Because, it is in small amount, does not mean, that antibodies are also in small amount. 🔯In 3 months time, they disappear, and then you have another dose of anti- wrinkle injections. 🔯Those, who have before the 3 months duration, the previous antibodies present will attack the toxin to nullify it.

So, think and STAY PUT until 3months‼️

Otherwise, you can pour this toxin on yourself or take a shower🌧, still you will be unaffected‼️DO NOT TAKE UNNECESSARY RISKS❗️

5️⃣ Some have effects which last until 4-5months❗️😊 I have a few ladies, who come in 4-6 months, as there face remains wrinkle-less.😇😇


According to a clinical trials, since the elderly are more likely to have thinner and less elastic skin, weaker facial muscles, and wrinkles that over time are caused by gravity-induced tissue sagging rather than muscle contraction, the elderly are not expected to respond as well to anti- wrinkle injections treatment.

The site of injection also warrants special considerations in the older patients/clients. Treatment of forehead lines: would require injections to the frontalis muscle, which many older people use to raise their eyebrows and eyelids to see.

Older patients/clients may also have extra skin under the brow, MEANS THEY ALREADY HAVE PTOSIS, KNOWN AS: PSEUDO-PTOSIS, which could be worsened by wrinkle-relaxing injections. Ptosis means drooping of eyelid.

Older patients who receive wrinkle-relaxing injections for glabellar lines (frown area), may be more at risk for complications such as eyelid ptosis if they have a reduced or absent orbital septum (see picture).

Due to thinner skin in older patients, there is risk of more bruising.

Drugs and products, which thin the blood by inhibiting/preventing clotting are: ♦️Vitamin E, ♦️Aspirin, ♦️Clopidogrel, ♦️warfarin, ♦️Nonsteroidal means anti-inflammatory drugs such as: 💊 Ibuprofen, 💊Naproxen and 🌿herbal products such as Ginseng, Ginko biloba, and Garlic. These products should be stopped at least 2️⃣ weeks(~10-14 days) before the wrinkle relaxing injections💉

♦️Warfarin is taken for heart conditions and patients SHOULD NOT STOP it without consultation with their CARDIAC DOCTORS. People with valve replacement, CANNOT stop the medications❗️ Here, I say, TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEART❤️, which is important to live. Wrinkle relaxing injections areNOT NEEDED FOR YOU and as YOU CAN live without them‼️

Conservative dosing, injection of low volumes, and proper placement of the injection can reduce the possibility of spread of the toxin to unintended muscles.

📞Call me or 🧰Inbox me for 👩‍⚕️consultation and/or treatment💉. I will give you time to think🤯🤔.


Pic courtesy: Science direct.

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