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My Professional Services

Medical Aesthetics

Over the years, Dr Sokhi Aesthetic Clinic has helped clients look their best in the San Francisco area and beyond. As a child, I was always impressed with the way makeup could transform anyone’s looks and enhance their beauty. It eventually led me to follow my passion and become a Aesthetician myself. If you like my work, please come in for a makeup consultation today.

Beautiful Model

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Easing dynamic wrinkles and softening static lines of face-
forehead, frown, crow's feet : £280
Nasalis:    £100
Smoker's lines

Frontalis muscles help in raising the forehead, together, these muscles work to pull the eyebrows up. In this process, we have horizontal lines etched on our skin. These lines become more prominent as we age and turn into static lines, means lines which are visible when we are not raising our forehead.  We can ease them with wrinkle relaxing injections. Dynamic lines disappear but static lines do not, they are only softened in appearance.

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Lip fillers

Lip augmentation/Enhancement

Lip fillers are art and science mixed up!! The right technique is key!
Correction of asymmetrical lips is utmost important!

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Dermal Fillers

I love contributing something extra to patients whenever they need it. When you come to me for my services, I know you are looking for something special — and I deliver just that. For every occasion, I use high quality and long-lasting filler that will truly leave you looking naturally rejuvenated. Contact me today and get the look you've always wanted.

Dermal fillers help in:

  • Lifting up the sagging skin. 

  • Rejuvenate face

  • Augment areas like lips, cheeks

  • Contouring the face like the jawline

  • Correction of nose shape

  • Filling up of Tear Trough

  • Naso-labial folds eliminated or eased.

  • Area around chin and mouth eased out. 

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Medical Aesthetics

Expect Stunning Results


Nose Correction/Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical nose correction where any lumps, bumps and the hooked nose is streamlined to appear cosmetically beautiful!

Looking for something bold and beautiful? Whether you want to simply enhance your beauty or capture a different side of yourself, I can make it happen. We’ll discuss your dream look and in minutes it’ll come to life. My job is to make you look brilliant for those everyday moments that turn into forever memories.

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Young Model

Chin augmentation

Profile balancing with augmenting chin according to Golden ratio (phi)

Right now is the perfect time for a beauty makeover. After a session with me, you will leave feeling better, fresher, renewed, and even more attractive. I use color theory and other advanced techniques in order to give each person the look that fits them the best. Come in so I can give you a unique look that matches your style.

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Jawline Contouring

Aging causes sagging of jawline which is uplifted with fillers.

I love contributing something extra to clients whenever they need it. When you come to me for my services, I know you are looking for something special — and I deliver just that. For every occasion, I use high quality and long lasting makeup that will truly leave you glowing with radiance. Contact me today and get the look you've always wanted.

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Impress Everyone

Nose to mouth folds sag as the age progresses. Face rejuvenates if the folds are filled with right technique!

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Confetti Storm


Advanced procedure using cannula

Aging causes our temples to become concave, which is filled up to make them even, thus enhancing the facial look.


Tear Trough using cannula

 Love your look by filling up of under eye areas!

This is an advanced procedure done using a cannula. This is one of the most opted treatment by the patients!  They are overjoyed with the results.

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Beautiful Model

Marionette Lines

Lines from mouth to chin

This area is one of the most affected when we age.

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Young Model

8 point lift

The Look for You- Mini-Face Lift

8 areas of the face are treated:

Upper Cheeks, Tear Trough, Naso-Labial folds, Mouth corners, Jowls, Lower areas of cheeks, Jawlines, Chin.

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Bridal Makeup Trial


Love Your hands

Filling of hands with dermal fillers helps in filling up the saggy skin. The effect remains until 6 months. This treatment is becoming popular nowadays!

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Makeup Brushes

Anti- Wrinkle injections

Dynamic wrinkles are treated whereas the Static lines on the face are softened.

Forehead, Frown lines, crow's feet

Look natural, not plastic

2 or 3 areas: £250

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For excessive sweating in arm pits

Some have a medical problem with overactive sweat glands, which is successfully treated with Anti-wrinkle injections.

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DAO muscles can be treated for gummy smiles.

Love your smile

This treatment is effective for 3 months only until the effect of injection remains.

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Smoker's lines

Relax the lines

This can be done in combination with fillers.

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